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ELITE Personalized Health
About Us

We bring you the cutting-edge science of health and wellness
in an innovative, professional and uniquely personalized way.

ELITE Personalized Health

ELITE Personalized Health is the realization of Dr. Victor Peña-Araujo's vision of a better way to battle disease and suffering.
As a surgeon with a decade of clinical experience he witnessed the devastating effects that unhealthy lifestyles had on his patients.
His career spanning 25 years in biology, medicine and surgery equipped him with a unique perspective of today's health crisis.
His commitment to making a positive contribution led him to envision a way to get to the root problem of the crisis:
Dr. Peña refocused his entire career, from treating disease in the most invasive of ways, to preventing it altogether.

Our primary aim is to keep you from becoming yet another suffering patient.

Our approach is to optimize your overall health using safe, effectively, sustainable, and enjoyable methods.

Moreover, as a response to the  explosion in misleading, ineffective and even dangerous pseudo-scientific remedies that is compounding today's health crisis, Dr. Peña is committed to infusing his professional coaching with scientifically-sound education and practical instruction to give you the life skills necessary to stay healthy throughout the long and happy life you deserve.

Our Mission

To enable you to improve your health, wellness and joy of life in a safe, effective, sustainable, and completely personalized way.

Our Vision

To educate, support and empower you and your family to take charge of your wellness and guide you to lead happier, healthier and more productive lives while preventing you from becoming suffering patients in the first place.
We believe our work will help build a better and happier world, one person at a time.

Our Values

We treat you as we would like to be treated.

We test, practice, and live by the strategies that we recommend to you.

We say what we mean, mean what we say, and transparency is the rule.

We respect your intelligence, autonomy, privacy and life choices as much as we would like ours respected.

We do our best to give you the greatest value for the time, effort, and money invested in your health and wellness.

More About ELITE Personalized Health

What We Are

We are new & innovative

We are a new, small and innovative venture with the unique mission to provide you with the best evidence-based knowledge and most supportive personal attention to help you achieve sustainable improvements to your health.

We accomplish our mission by several means:
  • We keep up-to-date on the latest scientific and medical research in the areas of health, preventative care and lifestyle medicine
  • We create an environment which is totally centered on you
  • We personalize every aspect of your experience
  • We remain available between sessions via a variety of methods in order to provide you with the most convenient and seamless experience possible

We promote 'natural' health

We show you what your amazing body is capable of doing with the most natural and effective input from you.

We show you how to feed, nurture, use, repair and rest your body and mind the way nature intended.  We do NOT try to fool it by resorting to ineffective, unsustainable and expensive supplements, hormones, medications or other commercial shortcuts.

We are 'complementary'

We complement your overall health by fulfilling an otherwise common void seen in the health management of many people today.

We proudly complement your conventional medical care. We are very happy to work closely with your doctor to coordinate a more seamless health management experience for you.

We are 'holistic' & 'integrative'

We care about how every aspect of your life impacts your health and vice versa.

We recognize the complex interdependence connecting all the aspects of your life and how your mind and body are one of the same.

This is not to be confused with the pseudo-scientific methods and products often marketed under these two terms but lacking any proof that they benefit your well being. 

What We Are Not

We are not Primary Care Providers

Primary Healthcare Providers (such as your family doctor or nurse practitioner) play a vital role in your health and we actively encourage you to foster a closer relationship with them.

Part of the reason for our existence is that primary care services are currently overwhelmed and are poorly rewarded for providing the lifestyle information, guidance and support you need to stay healthy and avoid becoming ill in the first place.

Until there is a radical improvement in the system Elite Personalized Health will have an important mission to accomplish.

We are not 'alternative'

We are only an ‘alternative’ to whatever doesn’t work.

We take the best scientifically-proven strategies, whether they are considered 'conventional' or not, and put them to work for you.

We do not base our advice on myth, trends, belief-systems, marketing goals, corporate kick-backs, meaningless buzz words or improbable remedies that insult your intelligence.

We are not salespeople

We do not endorse or sell you dietary supplements, hormones, meal replacements, unproven remedies, tonics, 'detox's,' cleanses or colonics.

As our client, you are the potential consumer of these products & services.  Therefore, us selling you these would present an obvious and serious conflict of interest.  Sadly, however, most practitioners in the wellness industry do not have a problem with this unethical practice.  In fact, in many instances selling you such products is their main source of income, making these "wellness professionals" little more than sales representatives in disguise.

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