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Private health coaching for your entire family.

Foster a healthy home life built on a culture of wellness & balance.

The Challenge

Research shows that the main determinant of whether children grow up to be healthy adults or not is their parents' lifestyle and home environment [1].

A recent study of over 4,400 children showed that fast food is not the root cause in childhood obesity we once suspected and that we, the parents, and the behaviors we reinforce at home, determine our children's fast food consumption [2].

We are the most influential factor in shaping our children's long-term attitudes not only towards food but also exercise, sleep, stress, interpersonal communication, and overall life-work balance.

We not only determine our children's general health and expected lifespan but also their overall satisfaction and happiness with themselves and their potential to achieve what they desire out of life.

As parents, we need to constantly compete with external forces  to maintain a healthy home environment for our children.  Incessant commercial targeting by the media, celebrities, and marketing campaigns plus social influences make raising a healthy family an evolving challenge that requires staying informed, adaptable, and finding smart and reliable support.

A One-of-a-kind Resource

ELITE Family Wellness equips you with the most scientifically-proven and effective strategies to take back control of your family's health.

Our ELITE Family Wellness program brings our personalized service to each and every member of your family.

This enables you and Dr. Peña to create a fully customized and integrated health plan to make your home a place that fosters a healthy lifestyle and a natural culture of wellness and balance.

ELITE Family Wellness


  • Private, one-on-one or family sessions at your home*. 
  • A customized lifestyle logging app for each member of the family who has a smart phone.
  • Constant monitoring of all logs by Dr. Peña.
  • Full and unlimited support between sessions via email and text personally and directly from Dr. Peña.  He is also available by phone 24/7.**
  • Personalized Flexibility: Every family is different.  This is why our Family Wellness program is available to you in the form of our Flexive Program, our most flexible offering.
*  Applicable to Austin Texas residents only.
**  Dr. Peña offers unlimited, personal, and private email support to all of his active clients, at no additional cost.  He is also available by phone to each of his active clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at the same rate as the plan they are on.  Call time will be deducted from the client's time credit, or may be charged as an additional expense.
[1]  Joan Costa-Font Mireia Jofre-Bonet Julian Le Grand. Vertical transmission of overweight: evidence from English adoptees. CEP Discussion Paper No 132, 2015.
"The association of fast food consumption with poor dietary outcomes and obesity among children: is it the fast food or the remainder of diet?," The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Gillings School of Global Public Health, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, January 15, 2014.