The Art & Science of Personal Health Coaching

ELITE Health Coaching

Sleep deprivation, inactivity, & poor eating habits lead to severe chronic diseases & poor quality of life.

Our imbalanced, modern lifestyle has made these problems the new normal.

We put you back in control of your health so you can  develop the new, energetic & sustainable lifestyle you deserve.

As a Precision Nutrition-certified professional, Dr. Peña will seamlessly integrate all of the same research-proven, habit-based strategies used by the individuals interviewed in this video, into your own, complete & personalized ELITE Health Coaching Experience.

Our One-to-one, Private Consultations

Our private consultations are centered on what is most important to you.  Together, we will:
  • Identify your true motivations for getting healthier
  • Define the goals that mean the most to you
  • Design the most effective yet realistic & personalized plan of action for you
  • Turn your plan into effective and enjoyable actions by harnessing your own strengths 
  • Transform your new actions into sustainable habits that fit your lifestyle and become second-nature.

ELITE Health Coaching is a personal experience, backed by not only Dr. Peña's entire career in science, medicine & health, but also by his love of teaching, connecting and going that extra mile to help you reach your optimal health and happiness.

Private Consultations typically take place once a week.  However their frequency may be tailored to your specific needs.

"[The most useful aspect was] the personalization of the services.
Victor took the time to understand me and my unique issues with health.
He provided me with small modifications that I could work easily into my life."

- ELITE Member

Life-changing Value

We seamlessly pack more life-changing value into every coaching session and into the time between our sessions than any other service we know of.  This is because Dr. Peña spends the necessary time (always free-of-charge) preparing for your sessions together, but also because of his:
  • Solid scientific foundation in biology, medicine, research, health & wellness and accredited continuing medical education
  • Clinical experience in counseling and caring for thousands of patients for over a decade
  • Practical application of up-to-date scientific research in plain terms you can use and understand
  • Ever growing collection of original materials & other carefully curated resources available to his clients
  • Proven coaching methods perfected by the leading coaching institutions & training programs
  • Expert & personalized client health education to give you the tools you need to be your own life-long coach
  • Leveraging of the latest mobile technology to effortlessly log & analyze your lifestyle changes and deliver educational content directly to you
  • Unparalleled availability 24/7 access via our customized apps, private email, Skype, FaceTime, private text, or you may qualify to simply pick up the phone and call Dr. Peña on his private number, any time, any day.

These extraordinary features put your ELITE Health Coaching experience in a league of its own.

The exact approach we take is solely determined by what you need to succeed in your health goals.  What follows is only a guide as to what we can achieve together, so be sure to browse it all!  We look forward to getting to know your unique challenges and goals!

"I can't again thank you enough for teaching me how to live a better life.
I am so hopeful to keep on the path of good health as I age."

- ELITE Member

What We Can Achieve Together...


  • Learn real-life, practical nutrition
  • Stop counting calories & weighing servings
  • Shop smartly for the healthiest foods
  • Understand nutritional facts labels
  • Learn the marketing ploys of 'health-washed' products
  • Naturally strengthen your immune system
  • Learn the facts about vitamins, supplements, 'detox's & 'cleanses'
  • Make your kitchen a healthy & inspiring place
  • Cook fast & healthy meals that satisfy you and your family
  • Maintain your energy levels throughout the day
  • Establish healthy family eating habits
  • Enjoy guiltless eating while enjoying your favorite foods
  • Improve your digestion & reduce your odds to developing gastrointestinal disorders
  • Finally establish the healthy relationship with food that you deserve

"I can honestly say that I have integrated this new way of thinking (about my eating patterns) and feel that it will affect the rest of my life in the most positive way!"

- ELITE Member


  • Achieve & maintain your ideal body weight
  • Improve or even eliminate lower back pain
  • Establish lasting exercise habits that you actually enjoy
  • Learn how to exercise anywhere, anytime
  • Optimize your physical strength & endurance
  • Improve your posture, strength & flexibility
  • Incorporate exercise into your daily activities

"I felt like I was in a hole before I started this program. I now feel physically so much better!"

- ELITE Member


  • Develop a more positive outlook
  • Improve your self-image and regain confidence in yourself
  • Sharpen your mental focus, mood, concentration, short & long-term memory
  • Learn a surgeon's methods to handle real stress
  • Diminish stress in your life
  • Learn how to relax in an actively stressful situation
  • Set clear & meaningful health goals & achieve them
  • Sleep better & wake up more rested and revitalized
  • Eliminate habits that are holding you back
  • Avoid the habits that bring you down
  • Counteract jetlag when you travel

"[Since my personalized program] I find that I have a lot more peace & quiet in my mind to focus on the most important things."

- ELITE Member


  • Enjoy each & every day of your life
  • Pack more life into your years and add years to your life
  • Improve your work-life-family balance
  • Improve your relationships at home & at work
  • Manage your time more efficiently & enjoyably
  • Develop new interests & hobbies
  • Gain a greater appreciation for what matters most
  • Re-align your life's priorities
  • Optimize your long-term health
  • Make your home more conducive to good health
  • Simplify and declutter your mind, life & home

"I have more time, I'm more productive, I'm more at ease and happier.
I am on a healthy road now.  I really appreciate it."

- ELITE Member

So, what do you say?  Are you ready to transform your life?