The Art & Science of Personal Health Coaching.
ELITE Personalized Health
Our "S.E.N.S.E." Principles

At ELITE Personalized Health we invented a simple mantra to describe the strict requirements for the wellness strategies & methods that we use with our clients.

Everything we recommend to you must "make S.E.N.S.E.".
That is, it must be:


Safety is our top priority and stems directly from our medical background of "doing no harm."
We only use methods that have been demonstrated to cause no harm or have a very high safety margin.


There is no point in trying something that doesn't work, no matter how appealing it may sound.
We avoid all fashionable trends that have not been scientifically shown to have the effects we want for you.


Something is not necessary good just because it is natural.
So by 'natural' we mean good things, products and actions that are not artificial, contrived, forced, or gimmicky.


There is no point in doing something drastic for your health is you cannot maintain it and get long-lasting benefits.
Yet, the vast majority of health & wellness trends today are remarkable unsustainable.
We only use habits that truly fit into your life.


Again, there is little point in doing something that you don't enjoy, no matter how good it might be for you.
Life is for living and enjoying!  So we only use optimize your lifestyle by incorporating habits that suit you.
We only ask you to give things a fair try with an open mind!