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Giving Back



What good is it to be in great health if you are surrounded by a broken down society and a toxic environment?

At ELITE Personalized Health we strive to be the most socially & environmentally conscious venture possible.

We are committed to  support initiatives that promote health, wellness, and benefit us all in the long-run.

Social Responsibility

We offer our expertise to the community, free-of-charge.

We serve one hour of community service for every ten hours spent with our paying clients.

So by working with us, you are giving back to the community.

These ELITE Community Health Hours are spent in a variety of ways, based on how best we can serve our community.  We are available for free health school visits, health literacy workshops, and private tutoring & coaching sessions to those who cannot afford them.

If you would like to learn more, or perhaps get involved, then please write to us!
1 hour of community service for every 10 hours of business!

Featured Community Outreach Project:

Dr. Victor Peña is regularly interviewed on international radio to discuss health & wellness topics

Dr. Peña volunteers his time to regularly appear on "Desde El Alma" a radio show broadcasted from Radio Mujer Internacional, 95.1 FM, Austin, Texas.

His appearance on "Desde El Alma" is a non-promotional, hour-long interview program that explores science-based health and wellness topics that are relevant to public health.  The  show is broadcasted to cities in the United States and Mexico, and is streamed to the rest of the world.

The program is in Spanish and aims to reach out to the Spanish-speaking community to address the particular health and wellness challenges that it faces.

For more information please visit our Radio Mujer page.

Environmental Responsibility

Minimizing our environmental footprint is at the core of our business model.

We operate a streamlined, virtual office that does away with unnecessary paper work, office supplies & upkeep, utility usage, daily commutes and much more.

Instead, our business harnesses state-of-the-art technology to focus on our personal relationship with you to optimize your long-term health and your quality of life.

We are always seeking new and innovative ways to streamline our business and reduce our environmental impact.

At ELITE Personalized Health:


We rely solely on 100% renewable wind energy via Green-e Energy.

We Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Donate & Recycle.  

We only print documents when absolutely necessary. 

We only use recycled & recycleable paper that is

SFI-certified (Sustainable Forestry Initiative)

The binders of our Personal Health Kits are made with
98-100% of post-consumer fiber & are PVC-free.

We have signed the
Plastic Pollution Coalition pledge.