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Dr. Peña is regularly interviewed on international radio to discuss health & wellness topics.

About "Desde El Alma"

Dr. Peña's appearance on "Desde El Alma" is a non-promotional*, hour-long interview that explores science-based health and wellness topics that are relevant to public in order to promote public health.

The show is broadcasted around the United States and Mexico and the interviews are held in Spanish in order to best reach the Hispanic community in these two nations.

Dr. Peña's Appearance

Dr. Victor Peña is honored to appear as a regular guest on Alejandra Frias' international radio show, "Desde El Alma" (Radio Mujer Internacional, 95.1 FM, Austin, Texas, U.S.A.), as part of his outreach efforts to contribute to, and improve public health education that is fact-based and is presented with no commercial bias*.

* Although Dr. Peña is naturally identified by name, ELITE Personalized Health is never mentioned nor are its services promoted in any way.

Programs Featuring Dr. Peña

The following are a selection of the more recent programs Dr. Peña has appeared on.

To listen to them in their entirety please click on the title of interest.  This will take you to a new page on the SoundCloud.

La Perdida de La Salud
La Sanidad Mental
La Salud Hormonal