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Dr. Victor Peña-Araujo
Director of Health & Wellness at Taste of Travel
Dear Taste of Travel Member,

As Director of Health & Wellness at Taste of Travel it is my pleasure to welcome you to ELITE Personalized Health.  ELITE is the lifestyle medicine health coaching company I founded several years ago after I left my career as a surgeon.

My primary aim was, and still is, to dedicate myself to not only preventing lifestyle-related diseases from destroying more lives, but to optimize the quality of life of as many people as possible.  You can click on my name to learn more about my story.

This private page is exclusively for Taste of Travel's Silver, Gold, and Platinum Members.  It is a por
tal for you to access all of our special and heavily discounted health coaching offerings.

I joined Taste of Travel because I realized what an extraordinary opportunity it would be to take the wellness retreat concept to an entirely new level.  My vision is to transform the usual experience, from the typically brief escape from a hectic reality to squeeze in a few feel-good days, to a truly consequential and lasting change in our lifestyle choices with the aim to impact our long-term health and lives.

For this to happen we need to give you the inspiration, the tools, information and support to make truly significant lifestyle changes that last long after the tan has faded and you've cleared the last grains of sand from your sandals.

Welcome to Taste of Travel's Health Coaching Experience!


Dr. Victor Peña-Araujo

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Complimentary Wellness Assessment

Establish your baseline.  Define your goals.

  • One Complimentary Wellness Assessment is available, free-of-charge, to all active Taste of Travel Members (Silver, Gold, and Platinum) during each year of Membership.
  • This assessment is an opportunity to establish the current state of your lifestyle habits and to identify the most significant aspects that may need adjustment to improve your long-term health.
  • This Assessment is the first required step prior to joining any other program to ensure the right match for you and your goals.

The Complimentary Wellness Assessment includes:

  • A complete wellness questionnaire for you to complete and for me to personally review (in complete confidence) prior to our Assessment session.
  • A 60-minute private, remote (phone or video conference) Assessment session with me for us to discuss your wellness history and explore your potential health goals.
  • Unlimited email support for 7 days.

Soloing Journey Program

Follow a comprehensive plan.  Get lasting result.

  • One Soloing Journey Program is a 12-week, comprehensive, online program that addresses the most relevant aspects of your health in a systematic way.
  • This Program is built on the very best of my 5-year experience coaching private clients one-on-one.
  • Each day you will be guided to complete a short lesson and take a small, yet significant step towards better health.
  • The lessons are delivered directly to you via our customized mobile app (or to your email, if you prefer).
  • This Program is available to all active Taste of Travel Members (Silver, Gold, and Platinum).

The Soloing Journey Program includes:

  • Daily wellness content that is specially designed to encourage you to carry out small and easy actions that, with time, become significant lifestyle habits.
  • The Program tackles the most relevant aspects of your health is the most optimized order to leverage your gains towards future success.  For example, have you noticed that your will power and self-control wane when you are stressed and sleep-deprived?  That is precisely why we first normalize your sleeping patterns before working on nutrition or exercise!

Let's elevate your wellness retreat experience.

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