The Art & Science of Personal Health Coaching.
ELITE Personalized Health
About Our Rates

"I think of your rates as a good investment in myself and my future."

- Angelita MW, Austin, Texas

The State of The Industry

​The health & wellness industry is currently underegulated so product prices and service charges are both highly speculative.

Anyone can call himself a 'health expert' and charge whatever he wishes.
Current 'health coaching' rates in Austin Texas range from $60 to $450 per hour.
Elsewhere in the U.S. these can reach upwards of $600 an hour.
Yes, really!


Uncommon Common Sense

At Elite Personalized Health we try to be reasonable.
We know what our formal education, clinical experience and coaching qualifications are worth.
We also know the extraordinary value we bring to your health, quality of life, as well as to the lives of those around you.

But we also know what an unconscionable fee looks like.
This is why we set our fees fairly and well below the industry's median.


The ELITE Experience

We're confident that once you've shopped around and compared value & qualifications you will find our rates suspiciously low.

But that is how we want it.
We wish to make our services as accessible as possible.
We aim to build a positive, personal relationship with you by exceeding your expectations.
But if all else fails, you still have our 100% unconditional guarantee.

That's what we like to call "The ELITE Experience."