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We proudly bring you this one-of-a-kind service that embodies everything we are about.

In our personal and professional experience, having a doctor “in the family” can provide a tremendous amount of reassurance and support during certain critical periods in our lives.  These include:
  • Preparing for doctor visits
  • Attending doctor visits
  • Deciphering medical records
  • Deciphering test results
  • Researching online medical information, products or services
  • Grappling with complex medical concepts in the event of an illness involving various medical specialists and vast amounts of information
Dr. Peña is a trained and experienced medical doctor and surgeon but he is also a Clinical Health Coach, which makes him effective at facilitating your care.

At clinic appointments or hospital admissions Dr. Peña becomes your personal advocate expertly versed in medicine, fluent in the jargon thrown at you, familiar with your particular preferences and always focused on your interests.

In a clinical setting, Dr. Peña voices your concerns and asks key questions to healthcare professionals who tend to rush through your visit.  He will then explain things to your satisfaction so that you can make critical decisions with a real grasp of what is being discussed.

In today’s health care system in which the patient can often feel lost, confused, or even preyed upon by an impersonal system, you will find it refreshing to have a doctor 100% on your side.

Please note that as your personal advocate Dr. Peña would not be making any therapeutic decisions nor offering second opinions about your medical care.  He would be present at your request and as your personal advocate/companion.  As always, absolute confidentiality is assured.

For more information please write to us to discuss your particular needs.