The Art & Science of Personal Health Coaching.
ELITE Personalized Health
Why Choose Us?

1) We are knowledgeable, experienced, and we are passionate about your health.

Dr. Peña has been passionate about health his entire life.  As a result, he has accumulated nearly 25 years of formal education and clinical experience in biology, health, medicine, surgery and behavioral science.  He has completed accredited continuing medical education in nutrition, weight control, fitness, sleep quality and stress management from some of the best institutions in the world and is committed to lifelong learning. Dr. Peña is a trained Clinical Health Coach, and is certified as an ACE Health Coach and a Precision Nutrition Coach.  But above all, he sincerely cares.

2) We answer only to you.

We're proud to be uniquely on your side and value our personal relationship with you.  Unlike most wellness practitioners and integrative medical doctors out there, we are NOT salesmen.  We do NOT sell you supplements, hormones, meal replacements or other ineffective gimmicks, or services, nor do we ever share your personal details.  This puts our unbiased expertise & resources to work for you, always in complete confidentiality.

3) Your individual needs are the focus of everything we do.

Our one-on-one coaching meets you where you are at, brings you the proven methods, the guidance and all the personal support you could ever need, while always keeping you firmly in control.

Most coaching services keep strict time limits on their sessions in order to fit more clients in and maximize profits.  This is what ruined the doctor-patient relationship in health care.  This is why we strictly limit the number of clients we have and always allow plenty of time for our private sessions to reach their natural endpoint, putting your needs first, even if it means significantly lower profits for us.

4) We put our hearts into it.

You'll discover that everything we do is a little different, better, and much more honest.  This is because we love what we do, we genuinely care about improving your health and playing a part in your happiness, and we aim to exceed your expectations at every turn.

5) We invest in you.

We skillfully guide you towards what your body needs and away from what it doesn't.  But we don't stop there.  We also take the time to develop your deeper understanding and appreciation for how your body works so that you can become your own life-long wellness coach.  This is the foundation of the healthful and sustainable habits you and your loved ones will rely on for the rest of your lives.

6) We keep it simple.

We use elegantly simple, yet powerfully effective, science-based methods.  We distill the latest research down to practical know-how that you can immediately apply to your life.  We also do away with all the commercial hype and replace it with sound knowledge, personal attention and a sincere interest in getting your mind and body where you want them to be.

7) We are real and have integrity.

At a time when most internet health & wellness interactions substitute an important human interaction with automated algorithms and the health recommendations of doctors and many other health professionals are for sale to pharmaceutical and supplement manufacturers, we offer you a surprisingly simple yet innovative concept: A real relationship with a real expert who will get to know you, be accountable to you, will completely personalize your wellness plan to reach your health goals, and will be by your side every step of the way.


8) We love to adapt and innovate for you.

Because we are a small and independent boutique venture we do NOT impose on you any off-the-shelf 'system' or 'cookie-cutter' process.  Instead, your health plan is completely customized around your individuality.

We'll even customize how we work and interact with you!  Here are some examples:
  • If you are 'old-school' and prefer chatting in person* and going on walks, or talking on the phone and receiving materials by snail mail then that's how we'll interact with you.  We can also come along on shopping trips* or do kitchen make-overs.  We can use laminated materials and logbooks if that is what works for you.
  • If you are busy and tech savvy, then we'll meet over Skype, we'll research, test out and recommend the best mobile apps for your goals, email you useful video links, and we'll even send you encouraging texts (personally thumb-typed by Dr. Peña.  No automated zombie robo-texts at ELITE!).
  • If you want our opinion on what you're eating then we can help you set up an online dietary diary that we can review and give you feeback on and/or you can even text us pictures of your meals!
  • If you've come across a website with a health claim you are curious about then you can send us the link and we'll check it out for you and give you our honest, unbiased opinion.
These are only four of countless examples of how we can adapt to your needs.  When the safe transformation of your health and wellness is our only measure for success, creativity and flexibility can be very powerful assets.
*In-person services are only available in Austin Texas.  For more information please see our Austin Services.

With so much commercial misinformation out there today, our fact-based solutions will surprise you!